Aggressive Behaviour Towards Other Dogs

For convenience, we will refer to your dog as “he” rather than “he or she”.


Some dogs will often exhibit aggressive behaviour towards other dogs.  This occurs for a variety of reasons.  One common reason stems from dominance.  Dominant behaviour expresses itself by the dog adopting an aggressive stance such as tail held up, or by glaring at the other dog, or by his general posturing in which he holds his body stiff and erect.  If this behaviour is exhibited while he is in his home territory, it usually leads him to become assertive and over confident.


Another common reason for aggression between dogs is explained by fear or apprehension.  Some dogs will become aggressive towards other dogs out of fear or apprehension caused by the presence of another dog.  When an apprehensive dog finds himself in a terrifying situation he may well feel that his only course of action is to fight his way out.


If your dog exhibits any of these symptoms you need to start dealing with the problem immediately.  In assisting him to overcome this type of unwanted behaviour, remember that improvement will occur gradually.  You should aim for the improvement to be consistent.


Experience shows that de-sensitising your dog is almost always an integral part of the cure.  You must be patient with him as you work on solving the problem behaviour.  Show him by what you say to him, and by your general body language when in his presence, that you view this problem as a minor, short term inconvenience which will soon be behind him.


If the problem is protracted you would be well advised to seek help from a Vet.  An effective and lasting cure may require a course of medicine.


We wish you every training success and years of enjoyment for both you and your dog.