Taking Care Of Your Dog

For convenience, we will refer to your dog as “she” rather than “he or she”.


An important aspect of your duties and responsibilities as a dog owner is taking care of your dog to ensure that she receives proper medical care and attention as and when needed.  All sensitive and responsible owners keep in regular contact with the Vet, and keep a record of the dates of all upcoming inoculations and recommended examinations.  In this way you and the Vet can act as a team.  Even though you may not have any Veterinary training, you are well placed, through your daily contact with you dog, to observe any unusual change in her normal behaviour.  This gives you an opportunity to respond quickly when something seems to be wrong with your dog.


Building a good and close relationship with the Vet will encourage you to learn more about different aspects of the health care of your dog.  This may assist you in recognizing the early signs of a particular illness or disease.  In that case you will be better prepared to act quickly and responsibly in any emergency situation.  Many owners will make a special effort to use the same Vet each time.  In this way the Vet will get to know your dog and be able to build up complete and comprehensive records of her medical history.  This will assist the Vet to better anticipate any likely future problems, and both she and the Vet will be given a chance to build a beneficial relationship with the other.


Many owners like to use a Vet in sole private practice.  Others prefer to use a Vet who is part of a group operation, because in this case if your regular Vet happens to be absent when you bring your dog in for an appointment, the Vet who deals with her will have access to her file notes.  Another common advantage of using a group practice is that they are more likely to offer an after-hours service.  This is satisfying to know in the case of an emergency.


Experienced trainers and owners know the value of preventative medical care.  An annual examination of your dog by a Vet will give the Vet a chance to conduct a thorough medical examination of her general health and condition, and make recommendations to you about any desirable changes that will benefit her.


We wish you every training success and years of enjoyment for both you and your dog.