Dog Activity And Human Attention

The majority of dog owners realize that all dogs have certain basic needs which must be satisfied.  There are many situations which must never be allowed to occur with any dog.  Let us consider four of these situations which you must avoid at all costs.


1       Mistreatment by children and others.

Care must be taken in any household where children and dogs are together.  Just as your dog needs and deserves to be trained, so too your young children must also be shown and taught the correct way to behave towards your dog.


2       Condemning a dog to having to live life on a chain.

Dogs are sociable animals and should be made to feel part of the family household.  Your dog will thrive best on constant human contact, but this may not always be possible.  If this is the case in your household, your next best option is to get another dog.  Even with two dogs you will still need to give them care and affection, and spend some time with them each day.


3       Failure to provide a dog with sufficient space and appropriate exercise.

The right amount of space or territory for your dog will depend on a number of factors, such as breed, size and age.  Large energetic dogs will need a decent amount of space in which to romp and play and run, as may small but very active dogs.  If your home space circumstances are not ideal then at least ensure that there is a suitable safe spot in your neighbourhood where can let your dog fun free.  Other dogs, with a more placid nature, may be comfortable with a much smaller space and be happy with a daily walk.  Remember that lack of an appropriate space and regular exercise are recipes for boredom, and boredom will invariably lead to behavioural problems.


4       Failure to provide a good diet.

It is the responsibility of every dog owner to ensure that their dog is given a nutritious and well balanced diet, whether the food be home cooked or commercially made.  Ensure that the diet does not consist of meat alone.  Meat lacks many essential nutrients, so a health diet must also include vegetable matter.  Bear in mind that any additional cost of good quality food may well be offset by reduced health care costs.