Healthy Food For Dogs – Feeding My Dog

For convenience, we will refer to your dog as “she” rather than “he or she”.


Experienced dog owners and trainers realize that if you compare dogs on a kilo per kilo basis, or pound by pound basis, smaller dogs have higher energy needs per kilo, or per pound.  If your own nutritional knowledge is not good you should seek expert advice about this.  Many dogs, as with many humans, are overweight and this increases the chances of them developing health problems.  If your dog has a need for a high daily intake of food rich in nutrients, then you would do well to consider the use of some of the commercially available foods now readily obtainable in the marketplace.  The range of good commercially available dog food is growing rapidly.  Suitable foods are available for all stages of her life, as well as to help manage certain medical conditions she may encounter.  You must ensure that her diet is always well balanced and that frequent changes to it may be required.


Dog trainers recommend the employment of praise and reward during training sessions and whenever you dog successfully completes a task.  Remember that most food treats usually contain high levels of carbohydrates and fat so bear this in mind when considering the type and quantity of food to serve her.


A number of owners still prefer to prepare the food themselves.  Good home-prepared food does require a relatively large amount of time, and requires a certain knowledge base on your part.  You need to remember that even correct cooking can destroy some of the vitamins in the food, while overcooking can significantly reduce the nutritional value of the food.  It is common for owners to employ a mix of the two sources, home prepared and commercially prepared.


When you come to feed your dog, do so in a predetermined area that can be easily kept clean and tidy.  It is recommended that you serve her food at room temperature and that you use a bowl made of a material that can be easily cleaned.  Wash out her bowl after each use, although dry pellet food can be left for longer periods.


It is important to ensure that fresh and clean drinking water is always readily available for her.  Her intake needs will vary depending on such things as her level of exertion during the day and on the time of year and the temperature of both the day and the night.


We wish you every training success and years of enjoyment for both you and your dog.