Dog Pooping

Dog Pooping? We will address this situation below.


All dogs learn very quickly at a young age, so the best time to begin house training a puppy is when you first bring her home, rather than waiting to see your dog pooping in the home.  This particularly applies to house training.  When you first bring her home she will probably be about eight or so weeks old.  This is an age at which she can pick up new skills and cotton on to instructions in as short a time as seven to ten days.


Because puppies seem to be so readily attracted by food, you should take advantage of this and use food treats to reward her successes and reinforce her training.  One early aim is to get her used to eliminating in a suitable area, preferably outside the house.  Learn to anticipate her toilet needs.  Give her ready access to a suitable area of soil or grass.  You should take her outside to this area as soon as she wakes each morning, before and after each meal, and after any periods of exercise.  Be on the lookout for behaviour which suggests she needs a toilet break.  She may start to sniff the floor or walk in circles or scratch at the door.  Do not just open the door and let her go outside on her own but go out with her, take her to her chosen area and wait until she eliminates.  This would be a good time to praise and reward her for her success, which helps to reinforce this good behaviour.  Some owners and trainers accompany the visit outside with a word of command or instruction, such as “toilet”.


There is bound to be dog pooping once or twice.  If you find that she has eliminated inside the house, she will have forgotten about it in seconds because her attention span is short.  As soon as you are aware of the accident, clean it up to remove it from sight and smell.  It will do no good to reprimand her, or worse still punish her.  Instead, ensure that you take her outside more regularly.  If however you catch her in the act of eliminating inside the house, you should tell her “no”!  Use a firm voice and look at her as you speak.  Immediately pick her up, gather up the offending waste if it is convenient to collect it at the same time, and take her and the waste outside.  Dispose of the waste product in the area already selected for that purpose, and give her a chance to conclude her job in the chosen spot.


We wish you every training success and years of enjoyment for both you and your dog.