Territorial Aggression In My Dog

For convenience, we will refer to your dog as “he” rather than “he or she”.


This type of aggression is usually a clear indication that a dog has an anxiety or fear related problem.  The problem causes the dog to be overtly aggressive to strangers who set foot on, or perhaps even approach, his territory.  His reaction is likely to be very marked when the person is in uniform, such as the proverbial “postie” delivering the mail.


If your dog is territorially aggressive, some recommended approaches to treating this condition include the following:


●    Check his diet and, where suitable, try him on a low protein diet.  This would not be a wise step if he is young and still growing, or if he has certain medical conditions, or your dog is a female and is pregnant.  If you are in any doubt, seek the advice of your Vet;


●    Re-examine your obedience training technique to see if you can make some beneficial adjustments;


●    Make sure you are administering his prescribed medicine as instructed, and using the recommended strength and admission frequency;


●    Step-up his aerobic exercise program so that he is getting at least twenty to thirty minutes every day;


●    Get him used to regular or frequently seen visitors by gradually exposing him to them.  Brief them beforehand to ensure that they do not react in a manner which your dog may see as intimidating or threatening.


Your dog must be given time and encouragement from you to build his self confidence and come to realize that the “stranger” offers no threat to him.  Perhaps the best measure that you can take is to praise and reward him every time he makes progress in overcoming this problem behaviour.


We wish you every training success and years of enjoyment for both you and your dog.