How To Make My Dog Happy

It is important to all concerned that you learn how to make your dog happy, as it is a contented and relaxed member of the household.  Having decided to get a dog, there are a number of factors you should consider when selecting the breed of dog to choose as the new family member.  These factors include the space needed, the amount of exercise required, the compatibility between the dog and the human members of the family, and the extent of training that will be required.


1       Space Needed

This will depend on the type of dog you choose.  Some dogs can manage well in a small city apartment.  Others thrive best in a household with enclosed yard space which the dog can lay ownership to.  Others revel in the wide open spaces of a farm or ranch setting.


2       Amount of Exercise.

Just as with human beings, some dogs love to loll around the house and yard, while others are balls of living energy, who rarely seem to sit still and relax.  All dogs, irrespective of size, need some regular exercise to keep fit and stay mentally alert and vigilant.  Bear in mind that not all exercise has to be tough and strenuous.  Taking your dog for a walk in a nearby park, playing a game of fetch with your dog, or tossing a ball for your dog to catch all prove to be excellent and enjoyable ways to exercise.


3       Compatibility to the Household Environment

When you, or someone else from your household, is at home for most of each day your dog rarely causes a problem.  However, when the house is left empty during the working day, your very sociable dog may quickly become bored, destructive of property, and noisy.  Some owners, faced with this problem, will solve it by getting a second dog.  Other owners will leave their dog with a friend who may also own a dog, or make use, where one is available, of a canine day-care centre.  This last solution can be expensive and has the potential to introduce further problems, so you may need to spend extra time with your dog after you get home from work each day.


4       Training Your Dog

This is another aspect and responsibility of dog ownership.  All dogs require training, and the training requires an ongoing commitment on the part of the owner.  Dogs are very smart but they need to be trained and shown what is expected of them, and how the various tasks you are teaching can be learnt, or goals you are aiming for can be achieved.  Ideally, this should be part of a daily routine.


We wish you every training success and years of enjoyment for both you and your dog.