Tips To Cure A Dog Phobia – Part 1 of 2

For convenience, we will refer to your dog as “he” rather than “he or she”.


Here are three useful tips that have proven to be successful in curing this very distressing problem of irrational dog phobia.  This condition is not only distressing for the dog but also for his owner and it should be cured as soon as it surfaces as a problem.


1       Some phobias are best ignored!  If they result from situations which your dog is likely to encounter only once or twice in his lifetime, this is often a sensible approach to take.


2       Most expert trainers recommend that you slowly increase the exposure of your dog to whatever it is that is causing the phobia.  In the case of irrational fear of a sudden loud sound, such as the noise of a vacuum cleaner being switched on, begin by leaving the cleaner switched off but on the floor and in full view of your dog.  Make a point of playing with him in that room over the next few days.  Once he has become accustomed to the sight of the cleaner, extend the training by playing with him in one room while at the same time having the cleaner switched on and running in an adjoining room.  After a few such training sessions, bring the playing and the noisy cleaner closer together, until he has finally learnt to overcome his fear and is able to play comfortably in the room where the vacuum cleaner is running.  Be patient and encouraging and do not despair if there are a few partial relapses during this period.


3       Another good tactic, which can often be used if the cause of the fear is an object rather than a noise, is to get him to see the terrifying object as a source of tasty reward treats.  Space some treats out on the floor so that they lead to the terrifying object and be sure to put at least one treat in or on the object, in a position where it is easily seen by your dog.  Soon the compelling attraction of the reward treat will overcome his fear of the object.


We wish you every training success and years of enjoyment for both you and your dog.