Caring For A New Puppy – Part 2 of 3

For convenience, we will refer to your dog as “she” rather than “he or she”.


Your new puppy needs to be given a soft and comfortable bed where she is able to stay warm and cozy and relaxed.  The top layer of her bedding should be removable, so that it can be washed and kept clean.  Most owners find that when caring for a new puppy, a thick blanket is ideal for this purpose.


Her bed should be large enough to accommodate her rapid growth in size over the coming months.  She will quickly get used to the comfort and familiar smells of her bed, and not having to change it frequently as she grows will be a help.


Many experienced owners recommend that you should decide from the start where you would like her to sleep when she becomes an adult, and place her bed in that location from the start.  Try to choose a location which is free of constant distraction, and which is quiet and relaxing for her to rest in.


In the early stages of separation from her birth companions, and especially her mother, she will be very fretful when put to bed.  There are a number of actions you could take to assist her through these early and somewhat terrifying times.


●    Allow her to hear some soft, soothing sounds by leaving a radio or CD playing quietly in the background;


●    Some owners like to place on old fashioned clock in the bed, but not in her way.  They believe that the ticking of the clock helps her to relax and sleep well;


●    If the weather is cold, place a warm water bottle, or an electric under-blanket designed for dogs, beneath her bedding;


●    In the very early stages, put a large soft toy in her bed and allow her to gain comfort from it as she goes to sleep.


We wish you every training success and years of enjoyment for both you and your dog.